Days of Creation

If your little guy or girl is anything like mine, they jump at the chance to learn something new.  Arrow loves to repeat and memorize things.  She actually comes up to me and wants me to quiz her.  It’s like a big game!  She could count to 10 at the age of 1 and knew all of her ABC’s at 2 and can pretty much make it to 20 now (with a little help every now and then.)  With a new baby sister around I hadn’t been giving her as much to memorize so I’ve been feeling pretty guilty.  So randomly one day a few weeks ago I decided to do the days of Creation!  What better way to jump start homeschool than to start at the very beginning, right!?

So grab your toddler and get them involved in this fun little craft. They will love it I promise, especially if they grab the sequin bag when you aren’t looking….yikes!  Watch out, the baby crawling on the floor might be having some pretty diapers for you to change later….

I just drew out the numbers free hand on paper.  The design is totally up to you.  Here is a closer look at what we came up with.


Arrow’s favorite thing to do was to run to the light switch and when I would ask her what God made on day one, she would say “Let there be light!” and flip on the light switch then clap in giddy excitement.  It was adorable. Cotton balls for clouds, pom poms to make the tree and the moon. Those pesky sequins for the flowers and stars.  I used pipe cleaners to make the sun.

Feathers for the birds, of course, and yarn makes a fun lion to hide Adam and Eve (that one stumped me for a bit!)  Arrow had the most fun putting googley eyes on everything.  Her favorite was the green fish.  I’m pretty sure she made a halibut. 😉


She had an absolute blast!  She knows them like a pro now and loves going over them every day.

It is so so fun to be able to teach her these things and to see how excited she gets when she remembers them perfectly.  It makes changing the baby’s sparkly diaper worth it….just kidding of course. 😉

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