Moving To Alaska: How We Got Here

Husband: –Random question out of the blue…”You wanna move to Alaska?” ​
Me: –Pauses brief second to think…”Sure!”
  This was the conversation that went down when my husband got an email from his company saying there was a position opening in Anchorage.  
  He applied, he got it, and we moved a very short 6 weeks later!  (We actually had to start making preparations to move knowing the start date he had to be up here even though he didn’t technically have the job yet!)
Whew!  That was the most exciting, fast, and scary month and a half!  We didn’t even really think about it.  That might have been silly, but I think it was for the best.  Just jumping head first in this new adventure together going all in was probably the best thing for us.  If we would have thought about it harder, fear could have set in and hindered us.  So off we go together in this crazy adventure!  Alaska was calling…and we had to go… 
  There was a lot that had to happen in those 3 months.  We had to find a place to live.  We had to decide if we were moving everything up or selling it.  We had to figure out if we were to move stuff up, who would move us, what we were bringing, and how much it would cost.  We had to decide if we were driving the Alcan (Alaska Highway) or flying up.  So much to decide on, so little time!
  We ended up deciding on both selling and moving things.  We knew Alaska was supposed to be pricier so we basically kept the necessities but at the same time, tried to sell anything and everything we could.  Having a moving company move you isn’t cheap but it was so awesome not to have to pack and load everything up ourselves.
  Then came time to rehome all of our farm animals.  Spritle and his ladies (tom and 2 hen turkeys).  A dozen good egg laying chickens and a handsome rooster, Rooster Cogburn.  Our pretty Great Dane girl Moxie (we wanted to bring her but the rental house situation proved to be very difficult with pets. More on that later.)  The most awesome mouser and loving cat Sampson.  Sadly, my very cute, very adorable kiddos Chief, Tonto, and Hidalgo (goats.)  Then last but not least, Kevin Bacon and Pumba.  Anyone want to take a guess at what they were?  Well lets just say they both became that of which was Kevin’s last name…       
  We just had our oldest daughter at the time and she was almost 7 months old.  She HATED the car (still does, gets car sick like her Daddy) so in my mind, the Alcan was an absolute resounding “no!”  She had just started to crawl and was learning what freedom was all about so that made me really nervous to hold her down for 8 hours on a plane in public but I was willing to suffer through that instead of several long full days on the road.  Thanks to Baby Einstein, it went just splendidly–phew!
  During that short 6 weeks after my husband accepted his new position, he traveled up to Alaska by himself for his first week on the job and was on a very important mission.  To find us a place to live!  It was harder than we thought.  There wasn’t a lot on the market and it was getting really hard to find a place that would allow us to have my black lab, Carter boy.  He’s been with me since he was a pup and there was just no way we were moving without him.  Thankfully, just in the nick of time God blessed us with my husband happening upon a rental house on accident in a great safe neighborhood.  They didn’t allow pets at first but when the Landlord heard that we had a black lab and that he was older and very well behaved they allowed him since she has a soft spot for black labs herself.  It’s amazing how everything works out.  Boy were we sweating it though!
  So then came moving day. We arrived the night of November 7th and had to run to Wal-Mart first thing to buy some air mattresses, bedding, and some food.  When we got to the house our Landlords had a gift basket full of Alaska goodies with a little Husky stuffed dog for Arrow.  It was such a cute and thoughtful way to welcome us to Alaska and our new home.  
So off to work my husband went leaving me at home with nothing but our 7 month old and 2 air mattresses.  It was a loooong 3 weeks till our belongings finally arrived but the day finally came and not a moment too soon!  It was the day before Thanksgiving.  It was a crazy busy day but again, I was so thankful for the moving crew (that my wonderful Husband payed for) who brought everything in where it was supposed to go and set everything up for us.  The most important was the kitchen supplies as Thanksgiving was the next day!
  It wasn’t a traditional Thanksgiving with turkey, stuffing, and the works… but it was our Thanksgiving.  Our first Thanksgiving by ourselves as a family of three in our new State.  There was so much to be thankful for.  That we had safe travels, that everything went smoothly, that our house sold back home, for each other, and for the awesome opportunity to try this new adventure together living in Alaska!
  Stay tuned for a 2 part series: Living In Alaska; A Lower 48er’s View for tips and insights on living in Alaska!


  1. My husbands job may be moving us up there soon and I am at a complete loss as to how to move up there. Did y’all really get rid of a ton of stuff in order to move or just the clutter?

    1. It’s a very hard decision to make!!! We tried to sell everything we could since paying by weight to have everything shipped up here was really expensive. Once here though, everything is more expensive to buy so you have to weigh your options out. For the most part I have heard that most everyone tries to sell everything to move up here. The good news is that people leaving Alaska sell everything to move back down south since everything is so much cheaper down there. So if you don’t mind bargain shopping there are always lots of moving sales to check out once you are here since the military people are constantly coming and going.

      1. We are national guard and civilian so we’re kinda stuck between two worlds. New-ish-ly married so we have no much new stuff that I am struggling to think about parting with things since we literally just got them!

        1. That has to be hard! Maybe the best way would be to pack a large uhaul truck and drive it up yourselves? I think that is a cheaper option but it just depends on how much you want to bring!

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