Winter Photo Session with Peters Creek Photography

This winter we had our first ever family photo session!  Well, our first ever photos really!  My husband and I have never had our photos taken.  So I was obviously very, very excited!  I met Genevieve, of Peters Creek Photography, through a mutual friend.  She was wanting to build her portfolio so she was gracious enough to treck out in the Alaska cold and take photos of us!  Boy did we give her quite the hard task of task of doing so!

All in all, the day went very well and we got some cute shots!  The Alaska weather actually cooperated for us, but having little ones do the same thing, well… it just wouldn’t be right!  😉

I knew that taking winter photos was going to be a very hard task!  As expected my girls got quite cold, quite quick.  No amount of begging, bargaining, or bribing was enough to distract them from their poor, cold little cheeks and toes!

Lesson learned.  Wait till kids are older for winter photos or don’t try to get the kids to pose.  At least not my kids.  They love to move and want to walk and explore.  They hate to be stopped!  Lifestyle photos is what works best for little ones!  I seem to love those the best anyway!  Capturing them in their natural element is always so fun walking down a bridge or riding on daddy’s shoulders!

Genevieve got the cutest shot of Piper and her dog giving each other kisses!  So sweet!

It was a fun day even with the girls being cold.  We enjoyed our walk around a pretty lake and were thankful for Genevieve who was so patient and easy going with us and our little ladies!  I definitely recommend her if you are looking for any kind of photos!

Definitely make sure you check out her post about our day here at her website along with her other amazing photos!  She is hilarious and I just love what she wrote!  I think I’m going to print it out and keep it with our photos.  Such a neat way to remember the day and the story behind them!

Even though we all long for that perfect photo, real life always seems to be better.   This last photo by far, is everyone’s favorite that I have shown our photos to.  Everyone gets it.  Life is hard, parenting is hard, being a kid is hard!  Especially in the cold!  (Not to mention the poor helpless photographer that has to listen to it!  😉 )

Just breath, relax, and go with the flow!

You’re making memories.  🙂

Thanks so much Genevieve!!!


    1. Aww thank you so much! She did amazing with it being so cold and with our fidgety babies! I did love the snowy backdrop and the little bit of the mountains popping through the fog!

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