My Custom Alaska Canvas! Photowall Review

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Hi all!  I am so excited to share an amazing company with you. Their name is Photowall and they printed my first ever canvas.  I am a bit giddy about it!  They do wall murals, photo wall papers, and canvas prints and have a range of products for you to choose from or you can use your own photos!

  I chose a canvas print and I am so happy with how it turned out!

As some of you know, I love photography and love to take photos.  I’m definitely not a pro but I do have a few I am proud of.  I can’t really take credit though, God made Alaska so beautiful that anyone can be a photographer here.  The landscapes are just breathtaking!

So that brings me to this beautiful piece!  I had such a hard time picking which photo I wanted but I had to go with one I took coming back from our trip to Denali National Park!  It has everything.  The mountains, beautiful fall colored trees, a clear blue stream at the base, and of course, the rainbow!!!

  I have to say, I am completely amazed and impressed with Photowall!  They are based in Sweden and ship worldwide.  That made me a little nervous as we have problems with getting things shipped here to Alaska so I have to talk about their shipping for a moment…


I ordered my canvas, from Sweden, the week before Christmas.  They printed it and shipped it the next day, and I got it in 3 days.  3 days people!!!  From Sweden to Alaska!

My own country can’t get things to me in a week (cough- Amazon Prime) and even sometimes not at all!  I was shocked… astounded!  They definitely deliver when it comes to their shipping promise!  (Literally!  Hahaha 😉 )  I was impressed.  They are very professional!

So onto the canvas.  I ordered a huge one!  I wanted to see how well this thing would look and their website said that it would work with my photo size and quality.

The photo I used, I edited on Instagram (told you I’m not a pro) so I know that takes some quality out of the original photo, but still, I wanted to try.  For how large this print is at a lower quality than the original, it looks fantastic.  Once I learn how to properly edit photos with an actual photo editor my quality will be even better for next time, but it still looks like the photo I took and the colors are amazing and spot on!

Again, I’m impressed!

I ordered my canvas print with the Do-It-Yourself Frame.  They do all the work for you and cut it to the size you need.  It has a sticky side on the wood pieces you attach to the canvas, then fold it in and attach the metal elbows to the wood.  My wonderful Husband put it together for me and said that it was a breeze to assemble.  (Or as my Daughter would say, “Easy peasy!”)

You can watch the easy assembly video here.

Due to an uneven floor, (and being the first time to do this) the top right corner was a little loose.  I quickly did a search online to see if there was anything we could do to fix it and there was a really easy solution.  All we had to do was barely spritz the back of the cavans with water and dry it with my hair dryer and it was fixed!



I am completely happy with how it turned out!

So I have something exciting to share with you!

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I highly recommend Photowall!  You won’t be disappointed.  Please check them out HERE!  Make sure to set your country in the top right corner.

I’m so excited for you to try them out and get some amazing art and conversation starters in your home!

My picture I used for the canvas!


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