Tommy John Men’s Socks Review

I received the product for this post in exchange for my honest review. These opinions are fully my own! See my full disclosure here.

Tommy John Socks

So you want to know a funny little secret about my Husband?   He likes a good pair of socks!  I bet you if I were to go to our closet and count who has more socks, he would win.  So when Tommy John reached out to me I was excited to try out their socks!  Well, for my husband to try them out.  😉

When I got the package I opened it up right away and was really impressed by them!  I got him their Stay Up Dress Socks and their Go Anywhere Performance Dress Socks.

Tommy John Socks

I’ve never seen socks with so much detail!  You can see all of the different stitching for arch support and cushioning as well as ventilated spots so your toes stay nice and cool!  I have to say, I got a little sock envious!

So I showed them to my Husband and he thought they were pretty cool.  He wore them for the first time to Church and when he put them on he said “It’s like my socks are hugging my feet!”  Sounds like a good sock to me, I wish I had socks that gave me hugs!  I love arch support!  I definitely don’t have any socks as cool as these.  It’s a good thing they are too big for me because I would totally snatch them to wear!

Tommy John Detail

Something he thought was pretty funny was that the Go Anywhere socks I got him have a L and R on the bottoms of the feet for Left and Right feet.  Well, I got the last laugh when we got home from Church and he had them on the wrong feet!  lol

Tommy John Left and Right

They did just what they were supposed to do!  Gave him good arch support, stayed up, and added more points to his sock collection! 😉  Not to mention that they are all around very nice quality!

 So you should definitely check them out!  They have other mens things such as underwear, mens basics like undershirts, and more!  They would make a great gift for Valentines day!!!

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