Women of the Bible: Ruth

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I was recently asked if I would write a guest blog post for my friend, Brenna, who is the owner of Elly and Grace. You might recognize that name from a couple of my past posts (here and here!)  She makes and designs her own beautiful faith apparel!

When she asked me and told me she is doing a series called women of the Bible inspired from her #squadgoals shirt, I said, absolutely!  I’m all in.  So I chose to write about Ruth!  Here is a little snippet…


Her name means companion or friend, and she was certainly that!  How we all long for a friend like Ruth!  She is the only woman in the Bible, except for Esther, that has her own book.  Though it’s only four short chapters, there is much to learn from her.  If you haven’t read this story yet, you should do it now.  Go ahead, I’ll wait!  🙂

Isn’t is an amazing story?  Ruth is very impressive.  A woman of virtue and noble character.

Let’s go over some of the things that make up Ruth’s character and what makes her story so amazing!

. . .

She was a Foreigner

Ruth was a Moabite woman being one of the descendants of Lot through his firstborn daughter.  The Moabites were a pagan nation and looked down on by the people of Israel, which is the family she married into.

Because of this, it’s amazing that Ruth decided to stay with her Mother In-Law, Naomi, to go back to Naomi’s native land now that they were left without Husbands to care for them.  Ruth most likely knew that traveling back to Bethlehem wasn’t going to be easy.  She was a foreigner, an outsider.  She was sure to get a lot of interesting looks and comments, but this didn’t stop Ruth from staying by Naomi’s side.

To read more about Ruth click HERE to finish reading at Elly and Grace!

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