Laska Belle Box: Quarterly Subscription Box Made by Alaska Women!

I received the products for this post in exchange for my honest review. These opinions are fully my own! See my full disclosure here.

Laska Belle Box

UPDATE September 2018: Laska Belle Box is no longer in business, if it was a business at all.  Sadly, it has come to my attention that boxes were bought that weren’t sent and the small businesses that sent Laska Belle the merchandise for the boxes weren’t paid.  Unfortunately, a lot of us fell for the sale pitch of empowering local business women.  It was a great idea.  Too bad it wasn’t the case.   Maybe she had every intention of this taking off beautifully but it didn’t.  I guess we will never know.  I wish there was communication explaining what happened.  I tried to contact her but the email came back immediately as not a valid email address.  The website is no longer up.  I guess she doesn’t want to be found.  I feel absolutely terrible for the women who put so much work and effort into getting this started and for those who made purchases expecting an awesome box.  I am not happy about promoting something that didn’t happen!  I guess you run these risks when helping a new business start but it’s certainly not fun learning that.

Subscription Boxes!  I had NO clue how big they were!  I have been in the dark about them until I found out about Laska Belle Box, and I have to say, I think I hit the jackpot!  I don’t think there is a more perfect box out there I would rather get than this one!

The lady behind Laska Belle is Alysha and I love her vision for this box.  She aims to support and connect Alaska women who work hard making, creating, and selling!  There is so much creativity up here!  Below is her mission statement!

Laska Belle Box Mission Statement

•The mission of Laska Belle Box is: To be a catalyst for female-owned business; to inspire and iterate a lifestyle through discovery for women.

•Laska Belle Box aims to help grow local Alaskan small businesses, makers, and boutiques owned by females. To shine light on female entrepreneurs and what it takes to be one whether that’s the work/life balance: growing themselves in career, family, social relationships, etc. 

•The LB platform aims to be a product, and a content platform. The discovery of amazing, high-quality products shipped seasonally that are both beautiful and useful. Items they may not have discovered otherwise, or thought to purchase. For every women to put her best self forward everyday. 

•Laska Belle additionally, aspires to be a leading brand for women in Alaska- to iterate a lifestyle, inspire moments of optimism, happiness, and unity. To provide a place for women to connect, have a voice, and discover amazing products, be supported and possibly find connections and friendships along the way- professionally and personally.

Isn’t that amazing?!

Here is something else she said that is so cool and I completely agree with:

•Alaska is full of opportunity, offset from the lower 48, I feel there is an unspoken sense of lifestyle and being here. Local services, products, etc bare more weight up here. I find myself shopping at more of the local boutiques then going to the mall. I have also owned a small business- Spablue- for a few years now, and know what it means to be a small business owner, work to excel professionally, be the best mom I can be, and overcome obstacles and life situations that have made their way onto my life path. There are a TON of local shops, boutiques, makers, etc with amazing products. Some of which I didn’t even know about prior to my research. And many that others don’t know about as well. My goal is to help grow their businesses, expand their reach and revenues. As well as give all of the LBB customers an experience each season to receive high quality- useful products. To have something to look forward too & spark happiness in a convenient, hassle free shopping experience. 

There is just something so different about living in Alaska especially as a woman and this is such an awesome way to discover and connect with the women and small businesses that are here!   It’s a quarterly box which I think is awesome.  Four boxes a year so it’s not too much and because it’s not every month, that means the quality of the items are AMAZING!

Let’s dig in and I’ll show you what I got in mine!  EEK!!!

Laska Belle Box Unboxing


What I love about his box is I will absolutely use every single thing that came in it!  I got an awesome merino wool hat!  Definitely comes in handy up here!  I got to test it out on a hike to Barbra Falls and I didn’t think about my ears being cold once.  It’s so soft and warm!


Next was an array of body products and jewelry!  I got some shampoo and conditioner as well as some perfume and a bath bomb!  I’ve never had a bath bomb and I can not wait to try it out!  I have a feeling the girls will want to watch and they will probably want to take over my bath…  lol

They all smell amazing!

Laska Belle Box


I like jewelry, I really do.  But I have a hard time shopping for it.  I’m pretty simple and a tomboy so I don’t have any fashion sense, but I do like being girly!  I have to say, this box thing is pretty awesome because the hard work is done for me!  I got three pairs of earrings and a gorgeous bracelet!  I couldn’t have picked them out better for myself!!!  I’m in love with the druzy jewelry and the colors as well as the simple yet elegant studs!  I have my everyday and my statement pieces!


Laska Belle Box

Laska Belle Box

Laska Belle Box


I was lucky enough to be gifted a few extra things to show you that you could get in your box!  A couple were the super cute Goal Digger tee and the pretty birch tree pouch I showed you with my body products.  Below are a couple more!

I was so excited to see this pretty wallet from my friend Erin from Willow and Luna!  (Remember her?)


Laska Belle Box


And looky here!  I’ve only ever heard of Anthropologie.  There are so many stores that don’t ship up to Alaska or want to charge you and arm and a leg to get it up here!  (come on people, we are apart of the states)

  But this awesome service that partnered with Laska Belle is called Constellation Shopping Services and Lindsay can get stuff up to Alaska for way cheaper than the actual stores would charge!  She has a special Laska Belle Box discount for you to use if you are in Alaska.  Use code: LBB for 10% off with her!

This is a big deal for us Alaskans!  So I got this super cute mug from Anthropologie because of them!  (If y’all don’t know already, I’m a sucker for pretty mugs!)


Laska Belle Box

I have to say, Laska Belle Box knocked my socks off!  The amount of items as well as their quality is outstanding!  There is something so special about being connected to these awesome Laska Belles.  I’m hooked!

Check out Laska Belle Box Here!


Laska Belle Subscription Box



  1. I ordered one in February for $50. I emailed them in May asking why I hadn’t received one yet. They told me They would be shipping them in the spring….Well, it’s the end of September now and I STILL Haven’t gotten a box. When I search for them on facebook and they are GONE, i searched the internet, they are GONE. Apparently this was a total scam, I am furious.

    1. Oh my! I had absolutely no idea! I haven’t kept up with them at all. I am SO sorry! That is so wrong! I know it was a brand new idea and business but totally not cool that you weren’t given a refund and told that they wouldn’t be doing the boxes!!! Thanks for letting me know!

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