I Do This For You

My Precious Little Ones… I Do This For You. 

When I awake through the night as my body has been conditioned to do as if you were new babes, I glance in to make sure you are still alright and see your beautiful slumbering face. 

As tired as I may be, I do this for you.

When I worry as you’re sick and the fever lasts for days, I continually pray “Lord help my baby to heal and take her pain away.” 

As I trust and I wait, I do this for you.

When I watch you dance, play, and sing, you bring joy to my heart and tears to my eyes. You fill me with such amazement and pride.

As I watch you learn and grow, I do this for you.

When lessons are hard and you don’t understand, it’s my job to discipline, it’s part of God’s plan. 

To give you roots and foundation but also wings to fly. I know the time is coming, it will pass me right by.

As I know I will have to set you free…I do this for you.


You are my light, my life, my inspiration. 

  I love you, You’re Mother.

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