Adventures in Camping: Mom Brain Strikes Again

This last weekend we finally hooked up the camper and and took it to Eklutna for our first camping trip of the season!  It was one of very few campgrounds that were open since we had a real winter this year with a lot of snow. The majority of it is gone but the official kick off to summer and open campgrounds is Memorial Day weekend. I just couldn’t wait till then!

 Time to get this show on the road!  I knew from the previous summer that we had outfitted the camper with all the supplies we would typically need. I wasn’t that worried about packing much besides clothes because we did a pretty good job of making sure it would be ready to go for the next season. Getting to the campsite and starting to get all settled in it seemed that I remembered right, nothing was missing!

  The first thing on my husband’s mind when we get to the campsite is to find two perfect trees to hang up his beloved hammock. Which reminded me, I forgot to grab the baby swing for Piper.  Oh well, I’ll just chase her around every split second making sure she doesn’t run into the fire or the road.  For real, I don’t think I sat down once.  All that girl does is go, go, go!  I have never been a fan of putting your child on a leash but, this one has me thinking I need to bring two!  One for the dog and one for Piper.

My hubby gets the fire going and then we roast the hotdogs. Everything seemed in order and it was great! Campfire hotdogs never get old.

S’more time!!!  I get out the jumbo marshmallows that Arrow had fun picking out, the chocolate bar, the Reese’s bar for mine, and the Graham Crack- …..

 “Uh, Honey?  I kinda sorta forgot to buy the Graham Crackers.” (laughs nervously)

So off he went to roast his plain, lonely, jumbo marshmallows.  I ate my Reese’s candy bar.  To be honest, I wasn’t too upset.  I’m not that big of a S’mores fan.  While putting dinner stuff away I noticed something wasn’t quite right in the fridge.

 “Um, Honey….?  I didn’t pack the eggs for breakfast.”  (-hehe.)

Thanks to Arrow, she saved us and we had a breakfast of champions.  Doughnuts, bacon, and hashbrowns.  Very important lesson learned- if your toddler wants to buy doughnuts to go camping- do it.  They could save your life.  (When haven’t doughnuts saved the day?)

I brought lunch meat and mayo- I guess I was thinking lunch?

No bread, cheese, lettuce, or tomato though.

I brought the baby carrier for Piper.

No stroller or hiking backpack for Arrow though.

Instead she walked super slow splashing in all the muddy puddles like Peppa Pig along the way.  Super cute, but not very effective for a good walk.

I forgot Arrow’s coat.

Rookie Alaskan mistake.  I was counting on the weather to be nice like the weather man predicted.  Never trust the weather man.

All in all though, we survived, we didn’t starve, and we had some fun walking up and down the beach even though it was a little chilly the second day.

Even though it didn’t go 100% according to plan, I treasured it.  It was a beautiful weekend to get away for Mother’s Day.


What better way to celebrate being a Mother and the children who gave me the most annoying disease ever…

Mom Brain.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love them and my wonderful Husband who laughs with me along the way of all the silly things that I do, don’t do, and, what’s the last one?  Oh…forget.

If you made it this far…here is a bonus photo, just for you.  My husband prides himself with capturing this moment in time.  He wants to blow it up and put it on the wall.

She freaked out and Kung Fu Karate chopped me in the face for picking her up to take a picture with her.

Note to self, don’t pick up a red head while shes playing!


  1. This was so great 😂😂😂 I’m still laughing at that last photo! I’d definitely frame it!!! And i won’t judge you for leashing your child! Safety first! Looks like a gorgeous weekend and I’m a tad jealous!!

    1. Hahaha I’m half tempted to really try that leash thing! Would be a lot smaller and compact to bring than a big baby cage! lol I don’t know what to do with that photo, it’s definitely going to be a family favorite I can tell!

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