Get Qurious Explorer Box Review

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Get Curious Mask Play

Let me introduce you to my little Alien and her friends!  🙂

These play masks are from the Get Qurious Explorer box from Get Qurious!

I was very intrigued when I heard about this company and their games that work with an augmented reality app.  Arrow loves the ipad and anything video games (her father’s child 🙂 ) but I am totally ok with screen time as long as it’s educational!  I’ve found technology is an amazing tool if used properly!

The Explorer box is a game that has cards that work together with the free app you download once you get your box.  This box comes with 2 double sided treasure hunt maps that they can color, 16 double sided story and building cards, and 4 masks so the kids can play with friends too!



I love watching Arrow’s imagination while she plays this game.  What is cool about this app is it gets them to get up move and play!  She literally played the treasure hunt game all evening when we first got it.  It blew her mind how the image moved when she moved and she could tilt it all around to see different areas of the map.  It’s her favorite activity for sure!




Her next favorite activity to do is build a spaceship and build a story.  She loves using the ipad to scan the cards!  So the square cards are the building cards.  One side has spaceship parts for them to create different looking spaceships and then they get to fly it through space moving it up, down, and tilting it in order to avoid hitting asteroids!  Then on the other side you build a story scanning the cards and then watch your story come to life as a video plays what they put together!  It’s pretty neat.




How the masks work is the kids put them on and then it scans their face and the character comes to life talking to them.  They can record their voice and make it fast or slow.  She loves to make hers fast and high pitched and just giggles away as what she says is played back to her so silly.  🙂



This box has definitely been a hit and they have other boxes with different themes and tools to help them with stem/stream play!  It gets her up and moving and she loves to play this outside as you can see.  A perfect cloudy day activity as she walks around the yard on her treasure hunt!


Get Quirious Explorer Box


The age recommendation for this box is 4-8.  Arrow is 3 and it took her a couple of times to master exactly how to do it but now she is a pro and loves it!

If you would like to check out the Explorer Box or any of their other themed boxes click here! 





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