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My relationship with PinkBlush all started back in 2014 when I was pregnant with my first daughter.  I tried shopping at local Malls in the regular maternity stores and bought a few things, but I just wasn’t impressed with the quality of the clothing and to be honest, they weren’t really that cute!

So that’s when my quest for cute maternity clothes began.  I felt like there had to be someone out there who had more fashionable clothes.  That’s when I found PinkBlush!  I bought so many of their maxi dresses for church and I would always get compliments on them!  They were so different from any other maternity clothes I had seen.  They made me feel really good!

I also bought a lot of tops from them.  I loved how trendy they were and they were actually cuter than my normal clothes to be honest!  So I guess you could say PinkBlush actually helped me in the style department for setting my wardrobe goals a little higher for after I had my baby!

So here is the exciting thing, not only are PinkBlush clothes for pregnancy, but also for nursing and to wear in general.  Seriously I mean it, their clothes are awesome.  They grow with you in the early stages of pregnancy as well as keep you looking good in the postpartum phase.  It’s been a year and a half since I’ve had my second baby and I still wear their clothes!

So I want to share this beautiful PinkBlush dress with you!

This is their Burgundy Lace Belted Dress!

PinkBlush Red Lace Dress

I was so excited to get this since red is my favorite fall color!  Then I got even more excited when I realized that it will be awesome to wear for Christmas time too!

(Ok really, all the time.  I love it!)

It has a gorgeous rosette pattern on it.  Pair it with different boots, sweaters, and scarves and you have several different looks to wear all year round!

Really, I think along with a little black dress, every woman should have a red one as well.  There is just something so classy about those two colors!

I love the functionality that PinkBlush clothes give you.  You can literally wear them in every stage of being a woman and still look amazing and cute.  It also saves you a lot of money if your wardrobe grows and shrinks with you!

I love my new dress!

The one and only thing I was disappointed by was the belt.  While it looks fine on the front, when I received it, it was cracked around the belt holes from being bent on the back.  I don’t know if that is all of them or just mine but the good news is you can always find another belt to wear with it if that would bother you.

Other than that, I have never had any problems with PinkBlush and highly recommend them!

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PinkBlush Lace Dress


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