Elly and Grace Christian Tees- Best Faith Apparel Ever!

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So I thought I would write another post sharing my most favorite t-shirts ever!  Thanks to Brenna, the owner and creator of Elly and Grace, I have quite the little collection going!

 In my opinion, Elly and Grace is still THE BEST faith based apparel company out there.  I am convinced of it!  Everytime I wear a t-shirt of hers, I catch people looking at my shirt for a few seconds (always a bit awkward haha!) to read what it says.  Just goes to show how eye catching and beautiful her designs are!

Brenna is just so talented at what she does that I had to share more of her designs I picked from last year.  I hear that she is about to launch new designs too… somebody hide my wallet please!

Getting a package from her is such a treat!  You literally feel like it’s your birthday.  Her packaging has been meticulously thought out and it’s so beautiful and fun!  She even throws in a little surprise for you to send to a friend.  I won’t ruin what it is and let you find out for yourself!

Daughter of the King

First off, she made me these ADORABLE Daughter of the King shirts for my baby girls!  I mean, HOW PRECIOUS?!  Apparently you don’t have to be eye level with people for them to notice your t-shirt because everytime the girls have worn these they get compliments on them.

Daughter of the King

Arrow wasn’t all too thrilled of having to get our picture taken since we matched because she wanted to hurry up and get in the car so we could shrimping.  haha

Trust and Obey

Brenna is so amazing that she did this design just for me!  Trust and Obey.  Two fairly little words but they pack a big punch!  This is something I always want to remember to do in my walk with the Lord.  Having it on a shirt to wear is a great way of reminding myself to do so.

Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly

Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly.  Yet another one of my favorite verses!  Wearing these verses is actually something that gives you a great responsibility.  You are openly professing your faith.  I want my children and the people around me to see the way I live point back to God.  Also, this is one of her new Tri-Blend tees.  It’s seriously so soft!  They have become my new favorite tee!

Tell Your Mountain About Your God

For the first time this winter she got new sweatshirts!  Since I live in a very cold place (Alaska), I got so excited!  I am constantly cold, so you can pretty much assume that I have lived in them.  Because I have.  🙂  I was so excited when she made this design.  Tell Your Mountain about your God.  It’s such an awesome thought.  I live right by the mountains.  They are huge.  You quickly notice how especially huge they are when you are out of shape and find yourself climbing one!  To know that God is bigger and that he will be with you through your spiritual climb is so comforting.  I love this shirt.

Wise Men Still Seek Him

For Christmas she came out with some of the most fun designs and I got my first 3/4 sleeve raglan!  She has them all year round so don’t worry about it being just a Christmas thing!  I wish I would have gotten one sooner!  But this one with the red sleeves was perfect for Christmas time.  Again, she delivered with one of my favorite sayings, Wise Men Still Seek Him!  So very true.

Please check Brenna’s amazing talent out!  She hand letters a lot of her designs which makes her shirts that much cooler!  She even gives a part of every purchase to Compassion International which is amazing.  You’ll want to sign up for her emails to be the first to know about new designs and special deals!  So go check her out now!

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