Wren and the Raven: Unique Alaska Prints and Designs

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I never used to be a big fan of art.  I don’t know if it was necessarily that I wasn’t a fan so much as I was too young and just didn’t appreciate it.  Now that I am older, I can say that I’m starting to appreciate it more and more!  I found this amazing small business called Wren and the Raven at a vintage market last year and Jordan, the owner, designs all of the prints!

I have learned that this is not an easy talent to pick up.  I tried to paint a picture the other day, and my three year old’s picture looked way better than mine so… I’m going to stick to my day job of keeping toddlers alive and letting my daughter handle the artwork in the house!

So Wren and the Raven is based out of Eagle River, here in Alaska!  I just love her artwork because of all the Arctic/Alaska themes!  She has so many things to choose from.  Greeting cards, art prints, educational flash cards, posters, stickers…TONS of cute stuff!

They were so sweet to send me a few items to share with you!

Wren and the Raven Art Print Ec. 3:11

This is one of her Faith Collection Inspirational Art Prints.  She has several different designs and verses and they would look pretty sitting just about anywhere!  You could frame it or put it on the fridge.  I just love the simple elegance of it.

Scripture Greeting Card

Another item in her Faith Collection is her Note Cards!  She has several different options and verses for these as well.  Am I the only one who still into snail mail?  I love it.  Especially mail that is so pretty!


Alaska Stickers

Then I have these little lovelies from their Vinyl Sticker Collection!!!  So I don’t know if this is something unique to Alaska but a lot of Artists make their art into super tough, durable stickers!

I’ve seen them on peoples cars and they put them on their Yeti Coffee cups because they are water and UV safe!  How cool!

But guess what I’m going to do with them?!  A friend said that I should make them into magnets!  YES!  How cute would these be on my fridge?!  So that’s what I’m going to do with them.  I love the thought of being able to use them in different ways.  I’m constantly changing my mind on where I want things so that was the perfect idea for me!  (Thanks Lindsey!)

And now for a closer look at them.  Because they’re just so adorable!

Caribou Sticker

Mini Alaska Stickers

Alaska Wildflowers Sticker

alaska vinyl sticker

I don’t know if you know what these brown boots are, but they are THE Alaska boot.  They are called xtratufs and I have to admit, I definitely wanted some so I could call myself an Alaskan.  haha 😉  My girls have some too and they are adorable on them!

Alaska Fireweed

I also got this cool Fireweed patch!  For those of you that don’t know, Fireweed is like our natural summer calendar up here.  It’s flowers slowly open from the bottom up and then when it’s done flowering it turns all fuzzy.  So basically, the nearer to the top, the closer the end of summer is.  It’s a beautiful and sad thing.  lol  (can you tell I’m a summer person?!)

I haven’t decided what I want to do with this yet!  Any suggestions?!  I was thinking maybe putting it on a bag or making a blanket for my girls and putting it on there?  I just don’t know yet!  What do you think?!

Well that is all for today but I have two more things from Wren and the Raven to show you that I’m using in my homeschool with my girls!!!  They are my favorite and you’re going to love them!

BUT WAIT!  Don’t leave yet!  Wren and the Raven decided to give my readers a special 20% off discount!  You’re definitely going to want to take advantage of this!

Use code: LITTLEBIG for 20% off!!!

Please check their website out HERE and order some fun stickers or cards to send to a friend and surprise them with a little bit of Alaska!

Stay tuned for part two!

wren and the raven


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