Letter Case to the Rescue! A PERFECT Letter Board Storage Solution!

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Finally!  My letter board has found a friend that does it’s job perfectly!  Thank you Letter Case!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve searched and searched for a box to fit my letter board letters in!  Nothing was just right.

I ended up settling on a craft box I got at Michael’s and the only reason I got it was that it was on sale and I had a coupon.  They wanted an arm and a leg for it!  I just didn’t see how it was worth that much but whatever.  Might just be that Alaska inflation.

I think it’s a bobbin box?  I’m not sure.  The problem with it was it didn’t have enough compartments on one side and I didn’t realize till I brought it home and tried to flip it over that it has holes in the walls so when not flat, the letters go everywhere.  Fail.  I’ll never get those minutes of my life back.

I made do, but then something amazing happened.  Letter Case contacted me and asked if I would review their letter storage box and I said YES!

It. Is. Perfect.

It has compartments for every single letter and you can tip it up, down, and all around and the letters stay in their perfect little spot!

It can fit quite a lot because I have 3 letter sets and it does the job great!

Letter Case

The lid slides open to the right and numbers are on top, then the letters in alphabetical order.  Then it has 4 compartments for those commas, periods, and extra characters.  They did a pretty good job at pairing what goes in what compartment for those because they paired a big thing and a little thing together so it would be easy to know which one you are grabbing.  Like the periods and the commas, I’m so glad they separated those!

Letter Case

Letter Case

I just love how much easier it is to put the letters in and find them when wanting to take them out to make your letter board.

The one thing that didn’t have a space were things like the @ and # symbols but I just threw them in amongst the other extra character compartments and they are big enough that I don’t have a problem finding them and know where they are.

Letter Case

The best part, it’s so affordable!!!

So, I give it a 5 star review!

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By the way, like my letter board?  Check out Felt Like Sharing!  They have a ton of amazing colors to choose from as well as awesome colored letter sets to fill your Letter Case with!

Felt Like Sharing Letter Board



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