Just One.

Hello lovely readers!  No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth.  I just took a break, that turned into laziness, which turned into doubt.  This post is a bit personal.  So pardon the rant and ignore this if you’d like, I just felt I needed to share with you what I’ve been thinking!

You see, I didn’t start this blog to make money (I’m still trying to figure out if that’s an option because that would be awesome) I started it because I felt like I wanted to share my faith.  My blog mission statement, if you will, was to reach Just One.  If I could reach just one person who really needed some encouraging words, or to realize they are not alone, or just to cheer up someone’s day who desperately needed it all while pointing them to the Lord, would be worth it.

In all honesty, I’ve been waiting for a time I just went through to come.  A time of trial and doubt.  We all know that life is full of ups and downs and it took me just over a year to walk down into a valley.  What started my break was I spoke up about something.  Shared a different view.  It’s not easy to speak up and challenge certain thoughts or ideas because when you do, you’re bound to get hit with tons of criticism.  (Or as my Dad calls it, getting hen pecked. 🙂 )  Pair that with the Alaska winter and you’re bound to feel down!

But there is hope.  The days are getting brighter again and I’ve been thinking and praying a lot.  I know when speaking up about something that getting “hen pecked” for it is a good sign, because what you are speaking about is probably not too far off from the truth.  Ideas and opinions different than the majority and the world’s aren’t tolerated much these days.

That is nothing new though.  So I’ve recharged and am ready to get back into the groove of this blog thing.  I actually really enjoy it!  It’s a bit everywhere, but that’s pretty much me.  I love the Lord, being a Wife and Mom, and food.  So, I blog about the Lord, being a Wife and Mom, and about food.  (I just have to have food!)

I blog, not because I have it all together, but to share that I don’t.  I’ve actually never felt like I needed to have it all together.  I’m a hot mess and am smart enough to know that ain’t never gonna happen!  😉  Only Jesus holds this girl together!

So forgive me as I break every single rule there is in grammar.  I’m definitely not the purist type of blogger who does it because they love to write.  I use too many commas and my thoughts are probably not organized the best and I probably loose you a time or two due to being boring, but I enjoy it.  Sometimes things flow easily and other posts take time.

But back to the reason why I started this blog…  to reach just one.

Nothing makes me super qualified over anyone else.  We all have a purpose and are put in positions and spots to reach certain people at certain times in certain ways.  Some may be seem better than others, but that’s not true.  We all have our own beautiful role to play.  I may not be super popular, funny, or overly talented at any specific thing, but I know that I have my own place on this earth and that God can use me right where I am and he can use you in the exact same way!

I already feel like I have reached my just one.  Multiple times actually.  I have had more women than I can remember message me with words like, “That is just what I needed to hear today, thank you!”  or “You just made my day!”  or “It’s so good to know there are still women out there who think the way you do.”   This blog has also been a huge encouragement for me.  “Meeting” so many of you special ladies and Mamas especially through Instagram.  So I thank you for coming along in this journey with me!

So now I am ready to reach just one more and I invite you to do it with me.  Let’s be open to God’s word and let it live through you and I, and I guarantee we will reach that just one, and then one more, and then one more…

Think about it like Marry Poppins (minus the whole practically perfect in every way nonsense lol!)  She is right where she needs to be to do what she needs to do, and then she moves on to the next place where she is needed.  I’m losing a sweet, sweet friend very soon that has been a huge encouragement to me so I’ve just started referring to her as Marry Poppins.  Someone needs her more than I do now and I know she will bless whoever she is going to be around soon.  I want to be a bright light for others the way she has been for me.

So lets do this!  Marry Poppin it up!!!


  1. This post is sooo right on time. “But all who live godly shall be persecuted. “ i admire your faith, honesty and courage to speak up it sure is hard! You’ve got a cheerleader in me!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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